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Three Decade Run - a blog

What real and lasting change do you want to create?

Philip Bell

The beautiful thing about combining writing with today's technology is you legitimately have the chance to make a meaningful impact on the world and those around you - assuming you find the right cause to get behind and the community to rally in your corner.

But all that starts with a massive desire to make some type of a difference in the world. And that often begins with just a small desire to change things - which grows inside you over time.

So what difference do you want to make in the world? What impact do you want to have? How do you want to make things a little better for society? What do you want to be remembered for once you're gone? Think back on what makes you really angry about the world too - that can help spur things.

Start small and just let a few ideas flow for a few hundred words or more. Don't judge what comes out and don't expect your first answer to be your life's work (although it might be). This is where 'being the change' begins.

Have fun with it and we'll see you tomorrow for our final day of this little challenge of ours.

Citizenship over consumerism

Philip Bell

I have a lot of problems with Hillary Clinton.

As an adult, I understand that I don't always get what I want, and I have to make the best of the choices I have available at the time. More importantly, I have to take responsibility for my actions. Protest voting doesn't send a message, it at most makes you feel like you stuck it to the man for a few minutes, and after that someone you didn't want is in the white house for 4 years.

For everyone wishing for another candidate, I feel you, this should have been the year of a third party. Never before in my lifetime have we had such a circus of an election, and two major candidates that unite the country in distaste and distrust, founded or not.

Most importantly, looking at how capable a candidate is to accomplish legislative work, both Hillary and Trump can accomplish the most among all of our options. Voting for anyone else, even if they somehow won, won't create forward momentum that is desperately needed.
With that in mind, one of them will at worst continue the last 8 years of policy, while the other candidate will trade the power of the presidency for any form of personal gain and ego stroking they are offered, to the highest bidder go our most sacred rights and assets.

If you're lucky enough to be eligible to vote, then you must take responsibility for your vote. The very fact that you are eligible to vote in the United States means you stand on a mountain of privilege, so vote, as your neighbors certainly are. Carefully consider each candidates possibility of winning, consider the absolute worst you can imagine that candidate doing, and imagine the absolute best outcome of their four years in office.

Humanity has undergone turmoil, wars, and worse for us to reach our current form of government, we don't get to whine about our available candidates for a few weeks, and then not once call, email, or write to our government representatives, much less never serve in the civil service. If you are unhappy with your options this year, you have four years to get involved in your local, state, and federal government. But first, you absolutely have to pick among the options set before you, the options we as a nation have earned by neglect and not standing up for our fellow citizens.

Choose wisely, with your reason and knowledge, and leave your emotion at home. Our government is in dire need of stern, patient parenting that we have neglected to provide.

So join me and over 130 million others that will, and vote.