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Research + Design

Current endeavors

Working with companies large and small to undergo digital transformations so they can accomplish more with their existing resources while reducing waste.

Developing web based methods to increase citizen awareness and communication about local, state, and federal activities and legislation.

Previous Projects

Designing different ways to gather, visualize, and apply big data analytics to cyber security information in order to understand cyber terrain as a maneuverable space that needs to be monitored and defended.

Development of a system for Second Life users to label and search for objects and places based on categories, keywords, and free form text using machine learning and natural language processing techniques.

Created a UI addon for Second Life that allowed users to control more dynamic and dramatic 

Developed and analyzed traffic simulation using complex adaptive system methods in NetLogo application

Surveyed research of augmented reality issues, methods, and applications

Developed an iPhone game that combines motion sensing and multi-touch to manipulate shapes in 3D to build a cube.

Designed and implemented a better alarm clock; led a four person team to design, document, and engineer circuit board layout, micro-controller software, GUI, physical interface, and wireless ZigBee capabilities.

Visual PRINT Designs

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