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My Agile Modus Operandi

  • Things to include in a Sprint
    • Items near the top (highest priority) of the backlog 
    • Items likely to be visible to stakeholders
  • Things not to bring into a Sprint
    • Items with more than 5 story points
    • Items that you cannot guarantee will be complete by the end of the Sprint, based on dependencies
  • Daily Standup Meeting
    • Objective: Team as a whole has awareness of efforts and progress
    • 15 minutes or shorter, no matter how many people
    • Optimally held at the beginning of the day
    • Briefly state:
      • What you finished yesterday
      • What you will work on today
      • Problems you are having
      • Task blockers
    • Team Lead or Scrum Master prompts for team needs, if necessary further conversation with applicable individuals
  • Sprint Review Meeting
    • Objective: Review completed features and milestones with stakeholders
    • Demonstration of what the team completed
    • Discussion of what was included in the Sprint that the team did not complete (if any)
    • Clarification on the priority of items at the top of the backlog
  • Sprint Planning Meeting
    • Objective: Team agreement on what will be completed in the next Sprint
    • Discuss items on the top of the backlog based on complexity and whether all dependencies are satisfied
    • Move items from the top of the backlog into the next Sprint until we have reached team velocity
  • Retrospective Meeting
    • Objective: Improve internal processes
    • Discuss what we liked and should continue doing or improve
    • Discuss what we don't like and what we should stop or fix
Big Data Platform to support Cyber Security Awareness

Big Data Platform to support Cyber Security Awareness

Used Gource to illustrate ingestion, balancing, and semantic data organization within Accumulo cluster slowed down to 1/16th speed

Tools that enable me to make ideas come to life


  • Apple OS X Administration - 2012
  • CompTIA Security+ - March 2013
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner - March 2016