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Three Decade Run - a blog

Watch that first step...

Philip Bell

Two weeks away from home may be the best time to take stock.  Having to disconnect from daily habits, work, the communities I'm involved with, and most importantly regular access to internet, eases the task of examining my routine, career, and social life.

Anything can feel natural if you do it often enough, and nearing my 30th birthday has made me extremely aware of how finite time is.  No matter how many times those who inspire me, even Steve Jobs himself, would repeat this fact, it was hard to absorb until reaching what may be the midpoint of my most productive years.

As I catalog my current accomplishments and circumstances, holding them up beside my wishes, there is basic math I must do to determine what will help me accomplish those goals, and what in my life will in fact make them impossible.  Every relationship, every job, every day, is an opportunity to learn.  It isn't by accident that I habitually try to record anything I learned that day, anything I accomplished, and lastly, what I hope to finish tomorrow.

Getting older, time seems to blur a little, and minor accomplishments don't stick out in my memory as much, so ideally moving forward, with a better way to track everything, I should be able to review those over 300 lessons and accomplishments at the end of each year, and maybe someday, even trace back a few things that came before this year.

Here's to the beginning, the first step, the opening, the introduction, to what will become the clearest memory I have of how I got from today to a tomorrow years and years in the future.