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The immutable laws of marketing and the campaign for President of the United States

Philip Bell

As I am reading The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, paying attention to the campaigns and how people are discussing Bernie, Hillary, and Trump, it’s clear that if Hillary wins the democratic primary, that Donald Trump will win.

I’m not sure why every time Trump passes a milestone against the other republican candidates everyone insists he won’t get further. If you took the last decade of Republican talking points, he fits the imaginary resume of the perfect president according to their own slogans. He’s a businessman with no political connections, he’s not very well spoken or educated, he doesn’t care about minorities or ethical economics, he’s white, he’s male, and like so many of them, unfaithful in marriage.

He’s also, sadly, better at marketing than most Democrats. He has many people convinced he is rich (he isn’t, he just doesn’t pay his bills or taxes), that he’s good at business (he’s not), and he is already a house hold name.

So as much as I wish I was wrong, if Hillary becomes the Democratic candidate for president this November, Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. And I fervently hope I am dead wrong.